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Find out more about our Gallive Infotech Limited

Gallive Infotech Limited is a Professional Digital Marketing and web development company located in Bangalore, with young, progressive and futuristic experts, offering all IT solutions in India as well as the international market including USA, UK, Canada, Australia and the Arabian Countries.

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Great businesses have a world of stories to tell. We create memorable stories that speak to your world and make a lasting impression.


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implement solutions & achieve goals.

Our History

Our Company History

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Built up in the year 2009, we have carved a niche for ourselves in a moderately short timeframe.

Web Design, Web Development, Custom Development, and Inbound Solutions in diverse industries! Driving change, connecting brands with their right audience, capturing their attention and converting it to leads.

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Our team is our treasure trove living by our timeless values and delivering result-oriented outcomes.

We believe in investing in our employees’ happiness and satisfaction as we know a successful brand is driven by a happy team and a collaborative culture!

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As websites are the doorway to any digital business, it is important to create faultless websites. Any website with poor design, complex navigation, unimpressive brand story will ultimately result in poor connect with the audience. It straight away brings down the business and RoI. Whether you are a Start-up, SME or Enterprise, the ground rules are same and therefore, it’s important to resolve issues before launching the site.